Introduction of Pathway Education
Pathway Education is a comprehensive education institution in Hong Kong with international view. It is founded by a group of enthusiastic professionals experienced in education field. We are now working with quantities of world's well-known education institutions to establish close relations of cooperation, and committing to provide high quality international education and cultural exchange opportunity for our students.

Our Vision
Become an important bridge between China and the world education, contribute to the development of education in our country, and enhance the overall quality level of our people.

Our Slogan
Your dream • Our Success

Our Partners
Pathway Education is one of the fastest growing education institution in the world with over 1000 business partners in different countries and regions, such as The University Of Hong Kong, The Polytechnic University Of Hong Kong, The City University Of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, The Baptist University Of Hong Kong, Caritas Institute Of Higher Education, Hong Kong College Of Technology, Tsing Hua University in Mainland China, University of Kent in Britain, University of La Verne in United States, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Australia, Cape Breton University of Canada, The University of Auckland in New Zealand, and other local universities in Singapore, Macao and Taiwan.

Our Main Business
There are three main parts business of Pathway Education. First, is about international education, we cooperates with many foreign universities by sending our students to receive foreign education. Second, we offer exchange programs which cooperate with local famous universities which can help to enrich students’ other learning experiences. Last but not least, we also provide professional trainings for executive from local governments, education institutions and enterprises.

Contact Us
Address: Room 06 ,10/F Kowloon Plaza, 485 Castle Peak Road ,Cheung Sha Wan ,Kowloon ,Hong Kong.
Phone: +852 – 3490 1160
Fax: +852 – 8265 4176

Business Hour
Monday to Friday: 9:30a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Closed on Weekends and public holidays


妳的夢想 • 我的成就



博雅教育的業務有三個主要部分:首先,是關於國際教育,我們與許多國外大學合作,接受派遣到我們國家的學生。 第二,我們提供交流項目,與當地著名的大學幫助豐富學生的學習心得和經驗等合作。 最後壹點,我們還提供了針對地方政府、教育機構和企業的專業培訓。

電話:+852-3490 1160
傳真:+852-8265 4176

星期一至星期五:9:30am - 6:30pm

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